Medellin, Colombia

My last stop in Colombia, Medellin, got into the city by a 13-hour night bus. A city with spring-like weather sitting at about 1700m altitude, not too hot and never too cold which is perfect for me since I hate cold. Great thing about this city is that it has a subway (metro) system bustling around the major points of the city. Getting to the Palm Hostel was a breeze with the metro. A Colombian guy actually walked me to the hostel from the metro station. The thing is that we didn’t even talk on the metro but he just saw me holding the hostel’s flyer and decided to help me find my hostel. I had no idea how long I was going to stay as I was using my British Airways’ frequent flyer miles to book my flight to Chile and there was no flight available for my miles. So I had to check BA’s website and call them every day to look for my flight. Other than this daily routine, my stay in Medellin was very relaxing. Some of the days, all I did all day was staying on the bed browsing internet and drinking coffee while chatting with other travelers in the hostel. This may sound like a total waste of time but some people may find this the exact kind of life that they are looking for especially those whose daily life has been fully scheduled by meetings and errands. The city center of Medellin is good for people watching and street food/drinks. There is a pedestrian street runs parallel to the metro line. There is a famous Museo de Antioquia in Plaza Botero with a lot of fat sculptures. It is a very pleasant experience just sitting on a bench at the plaza enjoying the good weather. On the south side of centro there is a very interesting looking Parque de las Luces where there are a bunch of thin pillars which are illuminated at night. I went to Cerro Nutibara which is 79 meters above the city to get a view of the city from above. The Pueblito Paisa on top of the hill has a traditional Antioquia town for display. El Poblado is the touristic part of the city where everything looks nice and clean with a lot of shopping malls located next to each other. I was brought there by a local friend and told that money laundering is the explanation to the abundance of malls. We went to the high end shopping mall and it does look like modern malls that you find in developed countries. It also happened to be the Feria de las Flores festival time during my stay and I went to see the flower parade with people from my hostel. It was interesting to watch but the three hours delay made us grilled under the over enthusiastic sun in this tropical city. My worst time in Colombia happened at the end of my trip in the country where I was stuck at the bus terminal for 10 hours and the constant break downs of my bus to Bogota followed by an extortion by the cab driver to the airport. This whole torture lasted more than 24 hours.

City center street view

Some interesting looking building

Pueblito Paisa

Another side of the Pueblito Paisa

View of El Poblado from Cerro Nutibara

Feria de las Flores parade

Parque de las Luces

Plaza Botero

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