Santiago, Chile

My favorite capital city in South America, Santiago de Chile, hands down. Right after I was tortured by the public transportation in Colombia, I arrived at this beautiful capital city in the south right by the grand Andes mountains. Bus to city center from the airport leaves outside door T5 on the arrival hall. Convenient subway system makes everywhere in the city so accessible. I stayed at Chilli hostel and moved to the Ecohostel after getting attacked by bedbugs and everything was good after that. What I noticed in this city was there are a lot of universities and supermarkets are well stocked with the greatest variety of food. Supermarket is a must-visit place in every city I go because everything becomes super affordable so I can stretch my dollar to the largest possible extent in order to last my trip as long as I could. Going to the supermarket also gives me a feeling of living like a local in the city while I’m looking at those exotic products that I can’t find in the city I reside. I joined a free walking tour which is based on tipping the tour guide from how satisfied you feel about the tour. I really recommend it because they make the tour very enjoyable and you get to hear the story of the city and some tips from local. Another benefit of joining tours like this is that you get to meet other travelers which makes it a two birds, one stone scenario. Attractions in the city are the typical ones I find at any other cities: plazas, monuments, museums, cathedrals, and governor’s palace. But one thing that makes Santiago stands out is the Andes mountains in the background of every picture you take, especially when you are taking the trail up to Cerro San Cristobal. I find the view better halfway along the trail rather than the top because the trees on top are blocking the landscape. I also went to the financial district during my second visit after visiting Easter Island to purchase a Navimag ferry ticket to go to Puerto Natales from Puerto Montt. I enjoyed aimlessly walking along the main avenue in the distric while watching all the interesting looking buildings and the busy businessmen in suit carrying out their daily lives.

Taken in Plaza de Armas

La Moneda

Landmark known as the "Cellphone Building"

View of the city halfway up the Cerro San Cristobal

View from top of Cerro San Cristobal

Place to find local cheap eats near Puenta Cal y Canto metro station

The Andes mountains in the back makes every picture look pretty


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