Easter Island

I have five days on the island out in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Having heard that provisions are expensive on the island, I went there fully prepared with groceries. Even though it’s an island in the middle of the ocean, the weather is still pretty chilly in mid-August as it is winter in the southern hemisphere. When I arrived at the airport, the owner of the Petero Atamu hostel was already waiting for me and other guests with our names on a card board at the arrival hall. I also bought the entrance ticket to the national park at a discounted rate which includes the Orongo (crater and ceremonial site) and Rano Raraku (for the two famous “talking moai’s.) Right after we settled down our luggage, the owner brought us to a free food-giving event for lunch. It was a very authentic local cuisine. The leftover sustained me the meat supply of my entire stay. Having overnighted at the airport the previous night, I slept through my first day on the island. Second and third day were spent walking around the only city center Hanga Roa and the trail just north of town with a couple restored Moai’s along the coast.  I started the 4km trail late and ended up walking the trail back in the dark with no lighting except the flashlight on my ipod touch. It was a very scary experience. I tried to go to the Orongo by foot which was the ceremonial village of the inhabitants back in the days but failed because I got lost in the trail and my tour to see the typical attractions on the island until the last day because of some communication mistake. But my new friends at the hostel invited me to the only beach on the island and we had a good time on the beach. Anyways, my last day on the island was the most productive day. Because of the miscommunication, I was the only one in the tour which makes it a “private tour.” And I got to visit the Orongo that I did not get see the day before. View of the city from Orongo is pretty impressive. My favorite sites are the 15 moai’s and the Rano Raraku which is the moai factory on the island. I took great shots on both sites and am very glad that the weather was the best that day during my entire stay on the island.

Restored moai's north of town


Original fallen moai

Another row of moai's by the beach

15 moai's with another fallen one

Famous talking moai's at the Rano Raraku

Most of the "bodies" are buried under soil

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