Valdivia, Chile

A 3-hour morning bus ride from Pucon and I arrived at the river front bus terminal in Valdivia. Following the directions from the Airesbuenos hostel’s website, it was an easy 10-min walk. First task after settling down my belongings was no doubt getting my flight ticket to Punta Arenas. The flight leaves in four days meaning I have three days to spend in Valdivia and another one for commuting. It is rainy season in August and very cold so I did not see a lot of tourists. I had a Cazuela (stew) for lunch at a local restaurant for 2900 COP and it was delicious.  As it rained every day during my stay in Valdivia, I did not go out to explore the city very often. To be honest, I feel that this is just a college town like Cordoba in Argentina except that it’s rainy and cold. I never thought of coming to this town if it weren’t for my cancelled ferry ticket and the Sky Airlines’ sales office. I chose to let the nature takes its course and ended up in this town. The town center is relatively small to explore for sightseeing purpose. It can be explored easily in 3-4 hours by foot. Another attraction I visited was the Castillo Corral which requires a 20 minutes scenic bus ride to get there. I wanted to go to another castle on another island by ferry but the foul weather prevented me from doing so and I ended up going to the Castillo Corral. All I did was walking around the castle in the super strong winter wind and visiting the free museum on site. My last day in Valdivia was spent by research of transportation in the South to get to Puerto Natales from Punta Arenas while waiting for my 4am bus to Puerto Montt. I am really grateful to the hostel owner that let me stay in the hostel until my departure time because the terminal was closed at 12am until 3.30am.

Valdivia center's riverbank

Skyline of a college town

A very typical landscape in the region

Museum in Castillo Corral

Cannons at Castillo Corral

Gloomy sky happpens everyday

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